“A specialist in PowerPoint and Prezi presentations, the Dialekt agency can help you create
your next best ever presentation, whether on-site during your event or from our creative studio.”

About Dialekt

The Dialekt agency was founded in 2002 as a top-notch creation studio. We are experts in the design and creation of superior-quality PowerPoint and Prezi presentations.

We use all of our resources to create a professional customized presentation for you or to visually improve a current presentation to give it a more professional look. Our PowerPoint experts will meet your requirements either at the site of your event or in our studio. Our flexible approach allows us to offer customized solutions for every customer. We can help you make your next PowerPoint presentation the best it can be.

Our extensive experience in graphic design and multimedia includes work in various industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, etc. Our general methodology is the same for every customer. Considering your constraints and actual situation with respect to your product or message, we then provide ideas and sketches, and that's how your new design develops.

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